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King Sejong Institute Foundation is making the days when everyone dreams of Korean language and Korean culture.

King Sejong Institute Foundation is a public institution under the influence of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to manage overseas Korean Language education and to extend Korean culture. It introduces Korean and Korean culture to foreigners and is working to make their interests in Korea develop into their better understandings and love for Korea.

It was founded based on subsection 2 of section 19 of Framework Act on the National Language

세종학당재단 단체사진

Foundation Background

  • Increased demand of Korean and Korean Culture

    Rapid increase in demand of Korean and Korean Culture both at home and abroad owing to the expansion of Korean Wave through K-contents, the extension of Korean businesses into foreign countries and the implementation of employment permit and so on.

  • Promoting Korea's leading brand managing overseas Korean Language Education

    A professional brand representing Korean Language Institute is needed that is able to manage and support 'King Sejong Institute', overseas Korean and Korean culture supply agency.

  • Improving Korea's national image

    As a leading brand supplying Korean and Korean culture overseas, it will contribute to improving Korea's national image through the overseas base expansion of Korean and Korean culture.

Major Business

  • Designating some institutes throughout the world as 'Sejon Institutes' and supporting their management for the extension of Korean Language Education and Korean Culture.
  • Development and operation of homepage 'Nuri-Sejong Institute' available to learn Korean and Korean Culture on-line.
  • The supply of Sejong Institute's standard Korean language course and the teaching materials
  • Dispatch of Korean teachers and operation of teacher preparation course to reinforce teachers professionalism
  • Support of the programs to supply Korean culture and dispatch of cultural education teachers
  • The other required business to extend Korean and Korean culture