Expanding the public confidence of ‘Certificate of Completion King Sejong Institute’, used as ‘Korean Qualification Standard’ for 6 types of VISA

- When applying for 6 types of Korean Visa such as Student (D-2), Industrial Trainee (D-3), General Trainee (D-4-6), Overseas Korean (F-4), Working Visit (H-2), and Marriage Migrant (F-6), Certificate of completion King Sejong Institute can be used as a proof of Korean language proficiency
- King Sejong Institute located in 180 places in 60 country all over the world, it makes more accessible to foreigners’ Korean learning, who want to stay in Korean.

From this year, foreigners will be able to prove their Korean language proficiency with a certificate of King Sejong Institute when applying for a total of six types of residence visas of Korea, including Student Visa (D-2).

KSIF and Ministry of Justice made an agreement with using ‘certificate of King Sejong Institute’ as a standard of Korean language proficiency related to Residence Visa of Korea of the six types visa such as Student (D-2), Industrial Trainee (D-3), General Trainee (D-4-6), Overseas Korean (F-4), Working Visit (H-2), and Marriage Migrant (F-6),

The foundation will build an action plan of curriculum for the Visa purpose of Ministry of Justice, and it plans to operate and manage the curriculum related to KSI all over the world from next year.

Ministry of Justice selected KSI certificate as ‘a qualification standard of Korean proficiency’ considering deeply the accessibility and convenience of foreigners as well as its public confidence. Now, KSIs are operated in 180 locations in 60 countries around the world and have a foundation for foreigners to learn Korean near their residence. In addition, as all KSIs is conducting the semiannual achievement assessments at least two times a year and issuing the certificate of completion, foreigners can have enough opportunities to apply the tests.

Above all, the Ministry of Justice and the KSIF have had experiences conducting stably Korean language education required Marriage Migrants (F-6) visas at Sejong Institutes around the world since 2014. Based on this, the two agencies will expand the scope of their certificates to five types of visas this year. Based on this, both parties expanded the range of KSI’s certificate to 5 types of Visa.

Kang Hyun-hwa, the president of KSIF said, “Including KSI’s certificate as a visa requirement of Ministry of Justice resulted from the recognition of the public trust of KSI. We will expand the Korean language curriculums for the purpose of obtaining visa and grow as a trusted institute all over the world with strict education management.

The foundation has been carried out ‘KSI marriage migrant curriculum’ for 6 years since 2014 according to Announcement of Korean Language Requirements for Marriages and Immigrants of Ministry of Justice, and about 5,000 students of marriage migrants have been participated in the program so far. For more information on KSI’s curriculum for visa purpose by the Ministry of Justice, please send us email at (leehari07@ksif.or.kr).

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